Business transformation and change

How are you supporting your people during organisational change?

Business transformation and change is a normal part of every business today. Businesses must find new ways to remain profitable in the digital age. While the vital role of technology is known to many leaders, there still remain difficulties on how to effectively deal with change resistance. 

During change, it is documented that employees experience higher levels of stress, anxiety and have an overall poorer mental health. Yet, the majority of employees wouldn't be comfortable discussing their mental health at work. Thus leaders should not be surprised to hear that approximately 85% of all employees are not engaged at work. Women and minority groups are particularly more likely to experience disengagement at work. Many evidence exists to support the fact that resistance to change is influenced by both conscious and unconscious psychological processes.

Despite the pieces of evidence, organisations still seem to be struggling with providing the appropriate support to staff. 54% of staff reports frustration with poor management while an almost similar percentage represents a lack of support from managers. Organisations must create a healthy environment for both staff and managers to improve the quality of their change projects. 

Our strength is in supporting organisations through change by utilizing the collective power of diversity while creating a healthy environment for everyone. The future is now and businesses that do not adapt by valuing their people will fail to exist in the long run.

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