Integration of self and others

That change is a constant factor in business is well established. Digitalization, remote/virtual work and diversity are some of the pressing issues at the moment. That change is tough and difficult is also well established. The 70% rate of failure of change management practices is known by many.


What is not so clear is how to effectively manage change and business transformation.

Here at Victory Consultancy, organisations are seen as merely a collection of individuals with unique personalities trying to achieve the desired goal. Many change management practices are built on hard business cases. We believe no amount of business planning or restructuring will contribute greatly to change management without accounting for the many complexities of being humans.


Change management at its core is personal development. We believe for effective change management, organisations must listen, understand and cater to their people.

Resistance to change is positively linked to psychological and emotional distress. It is our aim to create a culture of openness and understanding that empowers each employee to be their authentic self without fear of ridicule or judgment.


By increasing the social relationships in organisations, change management becomes a thing of significance and value to all members involved.

We help organisations deal with the emotional life of change management and the fostering of meaningful relationships.

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