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Counselling, therapy and coaching are all effective ways of personal development. Counselling and coaching tend to be more short term oriented with the aim to achieve specific goals. Therapy tends to be longer with the aim to achieve emotional healing. What you decide to go with should depend largely on your preference and context.

1 in 4 people will experience at least one mental health problem at any given time. Poor mental health is associated with interpersonal difficulties, anger, substance abuse and an increased likelihood of not achieving personal goals. We are of the opinion that in modern society mental health problems should not be holding anyone back in becoming their fully functioning self. Especially given the evidence that psychotherapy is more effective than medication and do not come with adverse side effects. 

Organisations can improve productivity by improving the health of their staff. Poor mental health at work is the primary cause of absenteeism and sick days accounting for 12.8 million sick days in 2018/2019. The cost associated with poor mental health for employers is at a staggering 45bn a year, a 16% increase compared to 2016 according to an analysis by Deloitte. Because people are essential to any company survival, providing your employees with good health is the equivalent of injecting life to your business.

We work with individuals and organisations. We can work virtually, remotely and onsite. Contact us today to discuss your preferences. 

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