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Engaged diverse cultures are more productive

The benefit of having a healthy workplace culture has been advertised greatly recently. Topics such as stereotypes (implicit bias), diversity and inclusion, employee health and well-being are increasingly making the headlines for all the positive business impact they bring to organizations. However, it seems that most organizations care more about advertising their cultural change ideas more so than actually doing the work to create healthy workplace cultures. Only 15% of executives said their corporate culture was where it needed to be. This is a shame considering the many benefits that creating a healthy culture can have on both the organization and its staff members. Companies with strong culture experience 756% increase of net income growth over 11 years compared to just 1% in companies without strong cultures. Companies with strong cultures also have more diverse teams and happy employees who are more engaged. Engaged employees are 12% more productive.

Considering that more than 87% of the world workforce is not engaged and 87% of organizations citing culture and engagement as one of their top challenges – this leaves enough room to improve business performance through cultural change. We work with management and executives to create a diverse and engage culture that is capable of giving you a competitive advantage in the continuously changing business environment.

  • We achieve cultural change by creating an environment that promotes behaviors that leads to happy cultures. We study and understand the minds and behaviors of your people to create a bespoke approach for your organization. We continue to provide ongoing support to your organization to ensure that your people do not fall back to negative unconscious biases, poor health and coping strategies in times of stress and uncertainty.