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Leadership programs and emotional intelligence

Similar to cultural change programs, most leadership development programs fail to deliver. According to a study conducted by Mckinsey, only 10% of CEO’S believe that their leadership development initiatives have a positive business impact. Considering the high cost associated with leadership development programs, organizations may be cutting through their profit margin without getting much back in return. When change programs are unsuccessful this is mostly down to the ineffectiveness of programs to change behaviors that contribute to performance. In the same study, focus on leadership behavior most critical to performance was seen as the greatest contributor to success.

Despite the disappointing success rate- 89% of executives believe strengthening organizational leadership is a top priority. When done right- focusing on the right behaviors, leadership programs can have a significant positive impact on business performance. 81% of those reporting to recently trained managers reported more engagement, experienced 36% higher productivity, 90% lower absenteeism and had an increase in sales by 114%.