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Are leaders born or made? Can leaders be developed? Is a leader the one with sole power over resources or the one to share the power of resources? Is it a strategist with a compelling vision or an empathetic person for the people? Is a leader all the above?

Since the beginning of mankind, leadership has always raised many questions. The old perspective of leadership is one with sublime personal characteristics. Confidence, strong, powerful in demeanour and more. However, in today’s perspective leadership is increasingly becoming more define by other characteristics.

People are increasingly coming to associate leadership with socially accepted behaviours. Although the ideal picture of a leader is influenced by culture, in general, it is becoming more of a norm for followers to view their leader as someone who is caring and empathetic.


A leader in today’s standard is one who listens, understands and genuinely cares for their people. These are qualities that may not come easily to everyone. Even so, expression of these qualities in such a diverse and multicultural society of today may add an extra layer of difficulty for leaders to maximize their impact.

An effective leader today is one is seen as somebody who is aware of their behaviour and that of their people. Research findings have shown that leaders who are emotionally intelligent consistently outperform their peers.


 As an executive coach, We help leaders have a better understanding of how their identity influences their leadership position.

In a diverse society of today – leaders must become emotionally intelligent to maximize their impact across cultures.

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