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Measuring and diagnosing organisational culture

Organisational culture is often considered as the glue that keeps everything together in the workplace. Its often used to refer to the organisational norms and behaviours that governs performance and behaviours at work. Thus culture at work has an influence on many areas of our experiences in the workplace. Not surprising, 94% of executives reported that a distinct workplace culture is essential for business success. However, only 19% believed that they have a strong culture. This leaves a significant gap to address.

We address this gap by viewing human behaviour as an ongoing attempt to manage conflicting demands. These demands can be internal or external but nonetheless must be managed adaptively to promote optimal functioning and performance. At chronic levels, these demands can negatively impact wellbeing and functioning as managing them becomes more difficult. The role of organisational culture is to effectively manage demands in a way that promotes wellbeing and functioning for all staff members.

Our approach

As seen in the image, our approach view the prevalent workplace culture as an interaction of two dynamic forces.

  • Organisational systems: This is how work and social processes are organised to meet the desired objectives. Leadership is important as they have the responsibility and influence to identify, set, and initiate the required processes needed for organisational development.

  • Subjective experiences: This is how the organisational systems are experienced by both leaders and employees. Changes in systems can leads to changes in experiences and vice versa. In most cases, this can leads to tension and conflict about how personnel wishes to experience their work environment and systems.

  • Prevalent culture: The current organisational culture is a representation of the organisational systems, the subjective experiences of it, and the ongoing attempt to manage any explicit or implicit tension. High turnover, disengagement, and health issues are personnel attempts to manage any tension and conflict resulting from their experiences with the organisational systems.

We provide science-based solutions to address the dynamic phenomenon of organisational cultures. Our expertise is in diagnosing and intervening at the intersect of systemic demands and implicit experiences.

If you are a growing organisation contact us today to take a culture diagnostics at no cost.

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