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The gap between management strategy and people

A strategy is supposed to provide direction to organizations and their employees. Yet, many organizations fail to get it right. Specifically, 67% of strategy fail because of poor execution. This number seems staggering but should not come as a surprise if you consider that only 5% of employees are aware of and/or understand their company’s strategy. There are many pieces of evidence to support the tremendous gap between strategy and successful implementation. Such poor alignment between corporate strategy and employees only make it harder for organizations to function effectively across all departments.

It is important for management teams to get this right as this promotes behaviors that contribute to successful strategy execution and organizational performance. Study shows that more than 90% of employees and 70% of middle managers do not have compensation that is linked to corporate strategy. Such numbers further highlight the gap between strategy and the lack of stimulating behaviors that contribute to successful strategy implementation. When strategy and people are not aligned this increases the impact of implicit bias – as people fall back to counterproductive learned behaviors- subsequently making it harder to achieve change in behaviors that increases organizational success.  

  • We provide strategic advice on developing a corporate strategy that promotes effective behaviors that increase organizational effectiveness and performance.