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Mental Health

I support those experiencing poor mental health and wellbeing through an in depth understanding and re-organsiation of their subjective experiences. This will often take the form of working together to evaluate your sense of identity and behaviour in your personal environments. This might take the form of re-evaluating your strenghts, emotional experiences, and personal circumstances, among others. The focus will not be on a clinical diagnosis. Nonetheless, for most people, poor mental health and wellbeing is commonly experienced as:

  • Sleeping difficulties or changes in weight and appetite

  • Low self-esteem, self-doubts, or changes in personality 

  • Feeling stuck or confused about personal identity  

  • Relationship difficulties, anxiety and conflict

  • Poor or drastic changes in performance and behaviour

In addition, poor mental health is known to directly and indirectly contribute to chronic and physical illnesses which perpetuates the cycle of poor health. My interventions are delivered with a consideration of the individual, athletes, and management.

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