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Victor is a consulting psychologist whose research and practice focuses on identity and its relationship with mental wellbeing, performance and social behaviour. His background is in sports as a semi-professional footballer previously based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. He currently holds a postgraduate in occupational and organisational psychology with an emphasis on psychodynamic approaches to human and social behaviour. He is also trained in integrative schema therapy techniques which he sees as his ongoing attempt to bridge the gap between individual and social psychology.

Born and raised in Cameroon until his early teens, he is obsessed with understanding the complexity of the changing dynamics between humans and their environment. At the heart of this is his passion to understand how we make sense of ourselves, others and reality. Considering the increasing speed of change facilitated by technological advances, this ongoing complexity of changing dynamics often dominates his mental life by the constant presence of three questions. “Who am I?” – “Who are we?” and “What is reality”?

His current work is largely an integration of his diverse rich experience ranging from being an athlete, consulting around change and organisational behaviour, producing innovative research and working with elite athletes. This includes noticeable brands such as Salesforce and FIFA World Cup athletes. Victor is always open to considering opportunities that are unique, impactful and forward-thinking.