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Victor is an organisational psychologist who is also trained in psychotherapy. His psychotherapeutic training specialized in breaking life long destructive habits and behaviours. The company approach is heavily influenced by both psychological disciplines. 

I am a firm believer in getting to understand one’s identity for growth and development. In doing so, we get to understand how different and unique we all are. By seeing the value in us being different from others, it becomes easier to see value in others being different from us.

Organisations will do well to foster stronger bonds within the company culture if they are to survive the test of time.  Talents are becoming more interested to work for companies that allow them to be their true self in a non-judgmental environment.


As work continues to occupy much of our time, working for a company that provides a comfortable and flexible feeling is ever important to retain and maintain the best talents.

Leaders and organisations have to become better at understanding their unique identities as this is crucial to building meaningful relationships, especially in a diverse modern world. Failure to do so might lead to culture clashes, blame and counterproductive behaviours.

It’s a passion of mine to help individuals and organisations to better understand their identity and to foster stronger relationships.

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