Victor Penda



Victor is an Organisational and Consulting Psychologist who is passionate about exploring how emotions shape our identities and group behaviours. His postgraduate research explored how anxiety motivated behaviour and group interactions in ways that might not always be conscious. 


His passion to understand how the "self" is formed is likely influenced by his personal history. Having emigrated from Cameroon to Europe in his early teens with largely non-eurocentric morals. He became increasingly curious to understand why certain individuals and groups behaved the way that they do.


He is also an avid football fan and played semi-professionally in The Netherlands before re-training in London as a Psychologist. 

He is integrative in his approach but is strongly influenced by psychodynamic thinking. He holds the belief that unless our most relevant underlying needs are addressed and met, we will continue to face difficulties in ourselves, relationships, and work. However, he is also an advocate for moulding a strong character to pursue our most meaningful goals while overcoming adversities. 

Victor has experience working with athletes, individuals, and organisations to improve their mental health and performance.