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Victor Penda


Victor is a consulting psychologist and a published research author specialising in the interplay between identity, health, abilities, and relationships. As a fully registered psychological test user with the British Psychological Society, he is skilled in cognitive ability and personality assessments. His training in auxiliary schema therapy, combined with his expertise in depth psychology, enables him to drive meaningful change.

Victor is deeply passionate about inclusivity at both the social and individual levels, with a strong focus on intersectionality.

With extensive experience working with organisations and individuals, Victor has collaborated with public and private entities including NHS England, Wellcome, and Salesforce. Drawing from his background as an ex-semi-professional football player, he also supports professional athletes at critical stages in their careers by integrating his psychological expertise. He adopts a strength-based and psychodynamic approach to help individuals achieve adaptive functioning.

In addition to English, Victor speaks Dutch, having lived in Amsterdam for many years. Although a native of Cameroon, he has lost his French despite growing up in the English-speaking region. Victor enjoys spending time with his family and prides himself on his ability to tackle challenging situations. 

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