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Mental Health

This mental health service caters to professionals who are experiencing elevated levels of anxiety, stress, and mood difficulties. These may be negatively impacting your relationships, performance, and overall health. The focus will be on developing the right psychological tools to improve your functioning and sense of identity. There is a recognition of intersectionality and how our multiple social roles and demands interact to shape our experiences.


So rather than looking at what is wrong with you, the focus is on understanding the systemic drivers within your circumstances and how they interact with your depth psychological experiences to shape your health and behaviours. Take the first step towards improving your mental health with our mental wellbeing screening assessment or schedule a 15 minute consultation today.

Our Services



This bi-weekly mental health sessions provide a safe and confidential space for identifying and developing areas for change.






Weekly mental health sessions provide a safe space for you to discuss your thoughts and feelings. We'll work together to apply and track changes through weekly habits, helping you to improve your mental wellbeing.



Weekly mental health sessions provide a safe space for you to explore new experiences and receive support in making positive changes that stick. Join to prioritize your mental health and well-being.

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