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Inclusive Culture Assessment

Are you seeking an evidence-based approach to measure and enhance your culture of inclusivity and wellbeing?

Our Inclusive Culture Assessment can help. The Inclusive Culture Assessment measures culture by tracking employees health. It is based on the scientific premise that systemic and health disparities are strongly connected. The assessment provides insights on organisational factors most predictive of employees health and wellbeing in diverse teams.


Developed in collaboration with four public organisations and informed by a qualitative study, this tool captures employees' experiences that influence their sense of inclusion and wellbeing. It enables organisations to uncover critical insights, including:

  • Explaining up to 60% of health differences among employees

  • Identifying key workplace factors impacting employees' health and behaviours

  • Highlighting group differences within the workplace

  • Providing a benchmark for return on investment

  • Tracking changes in health predictors within your organisational culture

This assessment is ideal for organisations committed to inclusion, staff wellbeing, and productivity. Contact us today to learn how this assessment can help your organisation develop and maintain a healthy, inclusive work culture.


View more below for additional information about the Inclusive Wellbeing Assessment 

Inclusive Wellbeing Assessment

Developed and validated with four public organisations, identify areas of your work culture that is most impactful to your staff wellbeing and productivity. Bespoke report with evidence-based strategies for a more inclusive healthy work culture.

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