cOGNITIVE & personality aSSESSMENTs

General mental ability (GMA), an updated version of the Five-Factor Model of personality, Emotional intelligence, Individual motivations and Derailers. Also including schema assessment for those looking to go deeper

Behavioural change consulting

Prioritising implicit processes and subjective experiences to create objective impact. Improving health, performance and team dynamics by making sense of what is most meaningful


Psychometric Assessment and Change for optimal Performance

Victory Consultancy is all about people development and change. We combine objective science-based assessments and subjective personal experiences to make a difference. Our psychologists work with you collaboratively to create a bespoke assessment tailored to your selection, development or performance needs. Our tests and assessments are delivered through a user-friendly platform with a ready to use report which includes key developmental points and prompts.


Program Manager

"Victor is a real pleasure to work with. Always professional, responsible and knowledgeable. A person who can give you a valuable insight and invaluable solutions"

Footballer & National team vice-captain

“I really liked the whole person approach. It not only improved my performance but also my relationships and connection with myself. I wish this was recommended to me at a much earlier stage of my career”

Entrepreneur & Executive coach

“…Very reliable and delivered as promised. Highly recommended to anyone looking to work with a psychologist"


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