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Improving mental health for performance and adaptability to change

Victory Consultancy is a London based psychologically informed change consultant. Our main services are counselling (or coaching) and business transformation. We work with individuals, teams and organisations to help them perform at their maximum potential no matter the circumstances. 

Work stress is reported to be the most common form of stress in the UK. A recent 2020 study reported that approximately 80% of employees commonly experience work-related stress. The implications this have on staff and organizations is substantial. In the UK alone, 12.8 million working days are lost due to work-related stress, depression or anxiety. Stress in the workplace has exacerbated in recent years and the data shows an increase in reported cases. Employees are facing more physical and psychological strain which surpasses their ability to cope and be productive. This is also associated with the speed of change and uncertainty in today’s society.


Notably, it’s reported that difficulties caused by the COVID-19 pandemic could even result in post-traumatic stress disorder. Nonetheless, change is constant. To maintain a competitive edge, businesses must respond flexibly by providing staff and management with the appropriate resources to cope with changing demands.

We are on a mission to humanise work. Our objective is to achieve this by providing businesses with the resources needed to thrive during change. The bottom line is always the same. To improve the health and wellbeing of all staff members, to create more inclusive and effective teams, leaderships and finally, to give your business a competitive edge. We have a team of experts ready to meet your needs. Speak to us today to see how our bespoke services can benefit you.


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