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Counselling and business transformation for continuous change

Victory Consultancy is a London based mental health and change consultant. We work with individuals, teams and organisations to make change possible by transforming distressing emotions, conflicts and uncertainty into healthy and goal-oriented functioning behaviours. 

We are living in uncertain times characterized by constant changes and instabilities around us. Individuals and teams are experiencing higher levels of distress and anxiety as a result of continuous changes and pressure in our immediate environment. Organisations are also under constant pressure to remain agile to maintain productivity. Workplace counselling is an effective support system that management can provide to employees in order to help staff adapt better to both changes at work and in personal life. Studies have shown that counselling has a positive impact on productivity and can reduce sick days by up to 60%.

Staff productivity and engagement is essential for any business transformation and change initiatives. We can help you to have a better understanding of your people which can contribute to your change goals by reducing resistance and counterproductive behaviours. These two actions are frequently associated with the reason that an estimated 80% of all business and digital transformation fail.

The mission is to humanise work. We hope to contribute to an environment that sees the value in appreciating diversity and personal experiences while embracing the opportunities change brings. We enjoy working with forward-thinking leaders and organisations that are not afraid to challenge the status quo.


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