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Victory Consultancy is a psychological personal and organisational management consultant. Our expertise is to break long-standing destructive habits or behaviours that prevent growth. We focus on both personal and organisational development because this reflects our theoretical and educational background.

Our days appear to be getting shorter, lives moving faster and we are having to deal with unprecedented changes in our environment. The rise of technology means the world is moving at a much faster rate and with increasing more information than most of us can handle. As we experience technological advancement, there has been a deterioration of our mental health. Many studies show that mental health problems are ever increasing in today’s society. Poor mental health can significantly impact productivity, growth and development in all life areas.

Change is a constant factor in organisations today. Yet, many companies today struggle to achieve change. The range of information available on the topic can be overwhelming and published articles on change transformation contradict each other.  The use of data and statistics can help but they also come with the necessary limitations.

Our approach to change is through integration, a better understanding of the emotional life and improved social relationships.


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