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Assessment & screening

My behavioural assessments and mental health screening provide a quick and evidence-based understanding of the state of your behavioural drivers and mental health. For organisations, understanding behavioural predispositions is essential to facilitate engagement and productive work cultures. Early screening can also save costs by proactively identifying individuals at high risk of mental and behavioural difficulties. Some common benefits of assessment and screening are:

  • 5:1 return on investment for organisations because of cost savings benefits

  • Early identification of risk profiles 

  • Engagement and performance

  • Timely intervention and reasonable adjustments 

  • Improved mental wellbeing and adaptability to change

My screenings were developed with an expert understanding of the mental risk factors for work and sports organisations. These are often neglected in traditional training and development programs. Nonetheless, these risk factors have stable and often implicit implications on behaviours across contexts. Our free mental health screening is available for high performers or those working in stressful environments (learn more)


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